Things You Should Know About Artificial Intelligence As A Lawyer

One of the trending topics in the legal industry of late is the artificial intelligence and how it’s quickly coming into its own regarding its use. The legal profession is on the cusp of revolution by the adoption of the artificial intelligence. These are some of the things to keep in mind about Artificial Intelligence as you plan to implement it in your firm.

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Creating A Content Marketing Plan for your Law Firms in 2021

A content marketing plan is critical to success. There is no question that law firms now know that content marketing is moving forward into a rejuvenated world of high expectations for a company to be exclusive, generate new leads, and be trustworthy with a transparent online presence.

Most law firms lack the proper plan to make a significant impact, and though it can be challenging; it is not impossible to achieve. A significant small number of firms have recorded content marketing plan, so if you want to know how your company can create successful content marketing today, we got you covered. 

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7 Essential Tips for a New Lawyer That is Just Starting Out

You’ve passed the bar and ready to kick-start your career. While it may seem you are done with the hard part, there is still a lot for you to learn along the way. It would be nice to have a slight edge when starting out as a lawyer and the good news is, this is the right time to start working towards the future.

We’ve compiled 7 tips for new lawyer who are just getting their careers off the ground to help with the best possible start. Whether you’re backed up with senior partners or an army of support staff, this advice will help make the hard lessons easier. 

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legal software

5 Essential Legal Software for Law Firms

Computers and mobile devices have changed the way we live our lives. In the wake of this digital revolution, software and app developers have explored technologies that can improve the day-to-day operations of nearly every industry, including the legal sector. Below are five categories of software that are meant to improve a law firm’s workflow.

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Law Office

Ways to Improve Law Firm Billable Hours

 Every Law firms are aware of the need to stay profitable. You need to maximize your billing practices and time to increase your bottom line. You need to understand the requirement of a billable hour to optimize how you spend your time. You also need to spend less time on nonessential responsibilities to improve your profitability. There are several ways to make sure you capture every possible hour and bill according.

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