Got.Law Pricing Model Explained

Got.Law's pricing model not only adheres to attorneys' ethical guidelines, federal regulations, and state law, but it is also the most equitable pricing model within legal tech – you only pay for the value that you receive.

Marketplace Pricing Explained:

Rather then selling leads that you are then required to follow up with, Got.Law sells calendar bookings. Unlike other lead-gen services, Got.Law bookings are specific to the lawyers who receive them (we never show individual bookings to multiple attorneys). With Got.Law, potential clients decide which attorney they want to book, meaning each of your consultations are from people who have already identified you as someone within their price range that they would be interested in hiring. Because you only pay when you accept a booking, you are in complete control of when we charge you.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality ‘leads’ at the lowest cost of acquisition. Studies have shown that most attorney websites have a conversion-to-consultation rate of around 1-4%, with even top converting law firm websites hovering at just below 7%. As a result, we price the bookings on Got.Law by taking Google’s suggested bid for the relevant [Location] and [Area of Law], and multiplying that number by five. Not only does this ensure that you pay less for bookings through Got.Law than leading marketing channels like Google or Facebook, but this also enables you to pay for scheduled consultations rather than clicks to your website, or leads that you must chase down.

For example: Let's say you have a site with a 5% conversion to consultation rate. While this is good compared to industry averages, you would still have to pay for 20 clicks in Google AdWords to land a single client meeting. Got.Law is not only 4x cheaper than AdWords because we charge for the equivalent of five clicks (or the equivalent of a 20% conversion from click to consultation), but we also connect you with potential clients that have hand-selected you as an attorney that is within their price range and that they would like to meet.

It's possible that you will receive a booking that involves a conflict-of-interest or does not fit your practice area. In this case, all that we ask is for you explain to the person why you cannot take their case and direct them back to Got.Law to find an attorney that is able to meet their needs. Got.Law will never charge you for a booking that you're not interested in meeting and we make it easy to cancel or reschedule any meeting. 


For details on what's included in the basic and premium plans, please see Pricing.

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Revised: May 17, 2022, 7:53 a.m.
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