How Does Got.Law Bring You More Clients?

Search Engine Optimization:

We believe that SEO is by far the most efficient and ethical way to source high quality leads. For this reason, SEO is both our largest marketing expense and largest source of leads. When you create a free profile on Got.Law, we help you not only show up on page 1 when a client searches for you, but also provide a great user experience when they visit your page. Listing your profile in Got.Law’s directory (which often shows up on the first page of Google search results), is a great way to realize the benefits of a long-term SEO campaign without breaking the bank.

Ranking your law firm’s website on the first page of Google takes time, money, and effort. Ranking your Got.Law profile on the first page of Google takes 15 minutes. This is our favorite marketing channel because it enables us to bring you high quality leads at a minimum Cost Per Acquisition.



Every company has an audience, and every audience eventually needs legal services. Got.Law partners with companies large and small to connect you to their existing audiences. We offer exclusive discounts and coupon codes to motivate clients to book with you.


Direct Marketing:

Whoever says that direct mail marketing is dead has never received a Got.Law care package.
Got.Law engages in grassroots marketing strategies ranging from direct mail to print advertisements to maximize your presence.


Content Marketing:

Whoever says that content marketing is king is right. The latest and greatest philosophy in marketing is to give clients limited information for free. This not only drives clients to our site, but builds strong trust. See Got.Law’s ever-growing knowledge base for clients at https://Got.Law/blog/client-resources/.



Events are a great way to get in front of clients! Got.Law organizes and plays many roles in a variety of events, including Speaking Engagements, Panels, Office Hours, Networking Events, Classroom Visits, and many more. Contact info@Got.Law or your account manager if you’re interested in speaking or participating in an event near you!



Earned media is one of our favorite marketing channels for a variety of reasons. Beyond the fact that it’s free, people pay more attention to news stories than they do advertisements. Furthermore, clients trust news publications. Got.Law has been featured by some of the top national news outlets, and we often hear from reporters requesting a quote from an attorney on Got.Law. Email or your account manager if you’d like to be quoted!

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Revised: May 17, 2022, 7:34 a.m.
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