Creating A Content Marketing Plan for your Law Firms in 2021

A content marketing plan is critical to success. There is no question that law firms now know that content marketing is moving forward into a rejuvenated world of high expectations for a company to be exclusive, generate new leads, and be trustworthy with a transparent online presence.

Most law firms lack the proper plan to make a significant impact, and though it can be challenging; it is not impossible to achieve. A significant small number of firms have recorded content marketing plan, so if you want to know how your company can create successful content marketing today, we got you covered.

Start with a Clear Plan of Action 

The best place to start afresh in 2018 is to support your firm’s overall business plan and ensure everyone is on the same page with your plan of action. You have to acknowledge who you are targeting, what your goal is, when you want to publish, why your firm exists, and how you will strategize. 

As these, start to align your mission statement with your goals. The more important part of this plan is to incorporate your entire team and ensure they all have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

Create a Client Persona

 Client personas are what legal marketers usually refer to as “Client Profiles.” It is a useful exercise to help you create content that addresses your target audience directly. The few categories your personas should cover include Job title and responsibilities, company revenue, industry challenges, client goals, common objections to your services; and the client’s buying process.

Organize your Plan

Start taking advantage of practice management software applications and others like Glip or Slack to organize your plan. With the different available tools, it is easy to ensure everything is working and running as planned. Make sure you have an adaptable yet strict strategy to determine the when, where, and how to publish the content.

Develop the Content

Ensure you consistently produce quality content. If you have less competition in your niche, you can focus more on the number of materials; however, if your law firm is in a crowded market, you may want to delve into thoughtful and original ideas. It will undoubtedly lead to less overall content, but it will be more authoritative and detailed. Have a system where your content continuously checked against the firm mission statements.

Distribute the Content

Lots of content are posted on the internet daily. Ensure you have a channel for your content to go; is it going to be on the firm website as a blog article? Or do you plan to publish on a third-party platform like LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, or If you will be producing videos or ebooks, where are you going to establish this content?

Content promotion is just as significant as content marketing, so don’t just create quality content and assume your target audience will see it. You can also leverage a variety of content marketing promotion tactics available.

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Revised: May 17, 2022, 7:19 a.m.
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