Do You Need an App for Your Law Practice?

The smartphone is the most rapidly adopted technology in the world. In the past few years, its usage has grown exponentially, and about 84% of the total population has a mobile phone. As digital is increasingly becoming crucial in business, law firms are now upping their games and distinguishing their firms with the use of app technology.
However, the question that remains is if lawyers need to develop personal apps to excel these days. Before you splash money on developing apps, it’s essential you understand that not every business benefits from developing apps. And there are some general things you need to know about creating an app for businesses.



App Fatigue Taking a Toll on Smartphone Users

According to research from ComScore on the use of the mobile app, it has been discovered that app download has gone down over a couple of years. About 51% of smartphone users have not downloaded the apps in a given month, and of the 49% that downloaded apps, nearly half of them downloaded not more than two apps. Some believed that the era of smartphone app has already reached its peak.
The same research also points out the correlation between how vital users consider an app and whether or not they will like to move it to their home screen. Frequently used apps get placed on the home screen while occasionally used apps eventually get deleted over a period. Simply put, the more regularly a smartphone user engages an app, the more likely it is that the app will survive and appear on the home screen and vice vasa.




The Purchase Cycle


The purchasing cycle determines the time that passes between the purchases of two same products. The purchase cycle for a legal solution is unusual because it is not regular, nobody needs to incorporate a business every month or divorce every year. Legal issues are unpredictable and infrequent to the stage that it is hard to figure out the purchase cycle.
What this means is that law-related apps are complicated to generate the type of regular use that makes apps for a company like Rewards or Starbucks successful. Smartphone users might download a law-related app and use it once, after which they delete it with chances that they will forget about the app altogether.


When should you get an App for your Law Practice?




You might at this point be convinced that apps are not for law firms. That is not entirely true; there are some instances that law firms can maximize the use of an app and get the ultimate return. 


Using the App for Management


Most small companies develop an app and release it to the App Store hoping random potential clients will download it thereby take them to their doorstep. But due to less demand for this type of service, most time the apps get ignored or any client that downloaded it might delete it after the required service has been rendered.

But instead of using this app for marketing, you can use it as a management tool. The app can be useful for transferring documents, sending clients updates on their cases, communicating with clients and more. The experience of the app can have an impact on your future client base; great apps can lead to getting referrals.

Developing app that is not directly related to the provided legal services

You can develop an app that provides something that your potential clients might find interesting and could lead to them using it regularly. An example of this is the Last Call app developed by Avvo, the app in real time helps calculate blood-alcohol level. And if a user is too drunk to drive, it suggests the best possible mode of getting home, and it also provides them with the names of available lawyers in the area that specialize in DUI.

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Revised: May 17, 2022, 8:43 a.m.
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