Employment Visas

Are you are an entrepreneur, investor or a business professional looking for a visa or you are a representative of a university, organization, or U.S corporation that employs foreign nationals? You might need information on employment visas and another related legal proceeding. We’ll be discussing the types of employment-based permits and their requirements.

Employment Visas

Employment-based immigration has many categories, and they are different from a temporary job based non-immigrant visas. The visa requires the total understanding of United States immigration law, for example, an employment/investor creation visa has two different kinds of investors. It is peculiar regarding amount and types of investment required, and it also depends on the number of permits that is an issue every year. The visas category includes:

  • Professionals and outstanding researchers
  • Managers and multinational executives
  • Ability of aliens
  • Employment Creation and investors
  • Professional talent

Filing proper visa application requires a keen understanding of the goals of both the business that wants to hire a foreign national and the international employee. The facts of every situation will be a factor in determining the visa to apply for and the essential documentation and information that will be required by the USCIS.


United States employer's compliance

According to the United States immigration law, it is illegal for organizations to employ an international worker who has not received the permission from USCIS to work in the United States. In every case, employers are mandated to verify that their employees have the authorization to work in the United States. It requires businesses to maintain and complete Form I-9; it records the review of employee’s work permission documentation and identity. Companies that knowingly hire unauthorized workers or fail to complete documentation are liable to severe penalties.

Employment-Based Residence Permanent Petitions

Many companies and businesses that wish to retain their foreign employees on a permanent basis require paperwork to get certification with the department of labor of the United States. They also need the approval of the immigration services (USCIS) and the employment-based visa petitions. Talk to an immigration attorney in your location if you have any questions regarding employment visas or assistance with filing and preparation of employment-based permanent residency petition.

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Revised: May 17, 2022, 8:36 a.m.
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