Is Facebook a Viable Marketing Platform for Law Firms?

With an estimated 88% of Millennials having a Facebook account, it seems like it would be a no-brainer to market on the Facebook platform. With promises of boosting reach with minimal expenses, Facebook promotes itself as a “smarter alternative to Google banner ads.” But, after the dismal IPO, Facebook had to change a lot of their policies and algorithms to become more profit-minded, and it was the small business owner that has taken the biggest loss. Below are a few reasons why you should look for alternative social media platforms to Facebook for marketing in the future.


A Mere Fraction Of Your Followers Even See Your Posts

So you’ve spent the last year cultivating a following of around 10,000, that’s great! Now you can make a post and it will reach your 10,000 followers, right? Well, not quite. With Facebook’s new algorithms, many businesses are seeing a reach that extends to less than 1% of their total followers. The worst part? There are no guarantees that the people your post does reach even read it!


Paying For Likes And Promoting Posts Actually REDUCE Your Reach

It seems counter-intuitive, but with Facebook shrouded in secrecy about specifics regarding how their algorithms work, many bloggers have taken it upon themselves to test the efficiency of their new “pay to promote” program. With examples like this and this, showing that promoting your page and posts on Facebook can actually result in less engagement, marketing on Facebook suddenly starts to look like a scam. Think that this may change the more money you throw at Facebook? Even the U.S. State Department, who paid over $600,000 for their 2 million likes, found that less than 2% of their following were engaged whatsoever.



Beyond the fact that marketing on Facebook makes no practical marketing sense, the price tags for Facebook’s promotional programs are somewhat ridiculous. For the price of $50 per day, you can cultivate 50-200 new likes on your page. If you extrapolate that out over the course of a week ($350), a month ($1,500), or a year ($18,250), you can see that this quickly adds up. Further, if you look at the average engagement per “boosted like,” the numbers get even worse. It’s estimated that the “worth” of a like on Facebook should hover around 21 cents, but if you look at what Facebook is charging you with this “boosted like” program, it comes out to almost a dollar in some cases. With an estimated 1-2% of “boosted likers” becoming long-term engaged users, it will cost you around $10-$20 just to purchase an engaged user, not even someone who’s buying your service!


Organic Growth Leads To Better Buying Actions

Ignite, one of the leaders of social media marketing, has recently come out with a study claiming that ”organic Facebook impressions lead to a 76% increase in brand website visits.” I couldn’t agree with them more. If you are going to go the Facebook route, make it a priority to avoid paying for any advertising. Though having a reach of a million on a post for “only” $500 looks enticing, it’s anything but.


If You Still Would Like To Market On Facebook

The good people over at Social Media Examiner have put together a wonderful guide to help optimize your Facebook marketing strategy: New Facebook Market research


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