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Can I get child support for myself and my child in Texas?

In Texas, spousal assistance is called "child support." A judge may order child support for either spouse, only if the spouse seeking child support will not have enough assets (including separate property) when the marriage is finalized to cover their basic needs, and one of the following conditions are met:


1) The spouse who has to pay child support meets all of these requirements:


was convicted (or received deferred adjudication) for a crime that is an act of family violence;

the act was committed during the marriage against the other spouse (or the other spouse's child); The crime occurred within two years before the divorce papers were entered or while the divorce was pending.




2) The spouse who is asking for support meets one of these requirements:


  • He/she can not earn enough money to cover his/her minimum needs because he/she has a physical or mental disability that is incapacitating.
  • He/ she has been married to the husband for 10 years or more and does not have the ability to earn enough money to cover his / her minimum needs.
  • He/she has custody of a marriage child of any age that requires substantial care and personal supervision due to a physical or mental disability that does not allow the spouse to earn enough money to cover their basic needs.


Child Support Pension

The judge may require one or both parents to provide child support until:


  • that the child turns 18 years of age or finished his or her average studies, whichever comes first;
  • that the child is emancipated (independent of tutelary care); or

            the death of the child.

  • If the child is disabled, support payments for minors can have an indefinite duration.


Parents will also be required to pay for medical assistance for their children.


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