10 Things Every Good Legal Blog Post Needs (pt. 1)

There's no doubt that the rise of the Millennial generation has presented a slew of new challenges to the legal industry. With projections placing the Millennial generation as the largest spenders, it's about time that lawyers start making changes to their marketing strategies in order to incorporate this massive demographic into their workflows. The Millenial generation has a morphing set of values that places importance on convenience, cost-effectiveness, and instant gratification, which can make it difficult for those outside of the Millennial generation to connect with us "kids." This is the first of a two-part series that will help you construct strategies when writing up blog posts targeting those who are most likely to read them.


1. Create A Catchy Title:

The only reason that Internet news media companies like BuzzFeed and Gawker are successful is because of their catchy titles. Beyond the fact that people are more likely to click on a link with a catchy title, the extra hits that your article receives translates into better search engine optimization, which is absolutely essential to a successful online marketing campaign. I’m not saying make the title ‘clickbait’ by any means, but instead try and grasp the reader’s attention right off the bat.


2. Make A Post About Something Relevant:

You want people to be actively searching for the content that you’re posting, so make sure that there’s something relevant to your post that’s happening in the news. If the Supreme Court comes out with a groundbreaking ruling in your field for instance, write a commentary about it describing why you agree/disagree. Don’t just write about your random thoughts throughout the day, have a strategy to obtain more clicks.


3. Remember The “Bikini Model” Analogy: People Who Get 90% Of Something For Free Are Still willing To Pay For The Last 10%

What that means is don’t be afraid to explain the high-level legal aspects of whatever case-type you’re writing about. Clients will still be willing to pay for your services, even if you give away most of your expertise for free. The reader must feel as though you are providing them with value if you ever hope to gain their attention/retention.


4. Only Write Every Time You Can Be Amazing

Many bloggers have the misconception that they must publish an article everyday in order to sustain their viewership, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. With so many different blogs out there spewing out mediocre content just to fill their pages, Millennial’s are quick to tune out the “white noise” that doesn’t offer them any value. You can differentiate your blog by focusing on quality and not quantity. If you write a great post, people are going to WANT to share it on social media and become free brand ambassadors for your firm. Make sure that each post has a “wow” moment in it so that people are compelled to show their friends.


5. Blog Posts Should Be Like A Skirt: Short Enough To Leave You Wanting More, But Long Enough To Cover Everything.

The millennial generation has mastered the art of communicating their thoughts in 160 words or less. If you don’t grab their attention immediately and get to the point, they will be quick to move on to the next relevant article. Make sure that you convey your thoughts in a succinct and comprehensible way to not bore and scare off your readers.

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