10 Things Every Good Legal Blog Post Needs (pt. 2)

In the second installment of this series, we help you further target the Millennial generation via quality, engaging blog posts.

6. NEVER Be Selling

People will completely shut you out if they think you’re trying to sell to them. Honestly, how many telemarketers have you heard pitch to you in the last year? Chances are, probably none. The only mention of your firm should probably be in the “about the author” paragraph at the end of the piece. This way, people don’t get the impression that you have ulterior motives for publishing the post.


7. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Controversial

Simply put, controversy sells. I don’t mean you have to step outside of your Code of Ethics, but offering a slightly controversial point of view will be much more interesting to readers than if you play it safe.


8. Use Stories To Explain Your Thinking

Giving real-life examples is one of the best ways to get a point across. It adds a personal touch to your blog, and instantly injects a little pathos into your prose. People genuinely enjoy reading about real life experiences much more than theories and abstracts, especially if the stories are humorous or interesting.


9. Don’t Hold Your Lawyer Voice

Unless your targeted reader is fellow attorneys, avoid legal jargon that’s widely misunderstood by the average Joe. Nobody likes to feel stupid, and nothing will make you feel stupider than reading a blog post filled with words that you don’t understand. Keep your reader in mind and try to “dumb down” your typical legal vocabulary.


10. Spend (At Least!) 30 Minutes Every Day Reading About What’s Going On In Your Industry

It’s hard to create insightful blog posts without garnering other perspectives first. Take some time every day to check out what’s trending in your field and read up about those topics. Even if you spend just a half hour on this a day, it will give you a major leg-up on your competitors.

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Revised: May 17, 2022, 8:18 a.m.
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