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Kinds of Social Security Benefits

Social security is essential in any country. Since its purpose is to provide benefits to prevent suffering due to old age, disability and even during times of financial difficulty. Those people who have less income can even take it as hope to move forward.

Benefits of Social Security Retirement

Just think of social security retirement as part of your income as a worker in the past. You will be asked to pay taxes on a monthly basis based on your salary. Upon your retirement, you will receive cash based on the amount of the taxes that you paid or contributed before. In other words, those are “earned entitlements” that can help you later on in life. There is a minimum period of time to pay the said taxes in order to qualify in receiving the benefits.

The Social Security Administration is tasked to determine those who will qualify to receive the social security retirement benefits. It is done through a credit system. Basically, a credit to given each quarter in which you work and provide payment for social security taxes.

Please note that your monthly benefit is based on the amount you earned while working and your retirement age. Just remember that if you wait past your full retirement age to claim benefits, your monthly benefits will be increased as a result.

Social Security Benefits for Spouses and Survivors
If the spouse never works on their own, they can also receive these social security benefits. At 62 years of age, if you receive or are eligible for retirement benefits, your wife or husband can begin to receive the benefits provided by the insurance account. In the event that a worker dies, their social security retirement savings do not disappear. The surviving spouse and dependents of the deceased worker may be entitled to benefits earned from that worker. In the case of a divorce, a spouse can apply for retirement if they lasted more than 10 years of marriage and did not remarry.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
This type of benefit can provide important large benefits to those who are unemployed before retirement due to an illness or injury. For a worker to qualify for this insurance (SSDI), he must have suffered a total disability. This means that he cannot be suspended partially or temporarily. The requirement is that the worker will no longer be able to return to his previous job, as he will not be able to work for a year due to his disability.

Security Income

This type of social security benefit grants pensions to people who are disabled, blind, 65 or older and have no income. It involves providing cash for basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. Please note that most supplemental income systems are administered by individual states as opposed to retirement or SSDI benefits.

Lastly, you can seek help from an experienced Social Security attorney to help you claim your benefits.

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