Traffic laws

Kinds of Traffic Tickets

There are many kinds of traffic ticket. We need to learn each of the type of traffic tickets to be more acquainted of the usual things to happen with legal connotation while on the road. Even if traffic offenses are considered minor crimes, it can still have negative consequences. No wonder we have to be familiar of it to avoid expensive tickets, higher insurance rates, and the possibility of suspension of your driver's license.

Traffic Ticket Concerning Speeding

These days, one of the most popular traffic tickets is speeding. Just don’t drive more than the specified speeding limit, even if you’re in a hurry. It has three types such as absolute, presumed and basic.

Take note that an absolute speed limit is the most common kind of speed law. For instance, a sign states that the speed limit is 65 mph. With this kind of speed limit, a person who goes even 1 mph over the announced speed limit has dishonored the law.

A presumed speed limit is known as a system that is only used in certain states, such as California and Texas. This system allows people to drive at an execised speed to the common speed limit, as long as they drive safely. On the other hand, the driver could be released if he explained to the judge the reasons why he drove with excessive speed.

Finally, there is the basic speed theory, which a driver can violate the basic speed law even if he drives the announced limit. In these cases, an officer can decide if the speed limit is not safe given the driving circumstances. For example, if it's snowing or raining it can be dangerous to drive at 70 mph, even if this is the speed limit.

Hit and Run By a Driver

Are you familiar with a hit and run incident? It is an act of the driver to leave a traffic accident without doing anything to help ease the situation such as exchanging contact and coordinating with the insurance company. If there is an injured person, the driver must attend to the victim and call a police officer. If a stationary property was hit by a driver, many states require the driver to leave his or her contact numbers. If it involves a dead person after the accident, it may result to serious criminal charges and a serious felony charge.

Distracted Driving

This means that drivers shouldn’t use mobile phones while driving. It will affect your ability to drive the car safely and may cause an accident.

Reckless Driving

Many states prohibit drivers to drive recklessly, the act of driving without reasonable care or the willful disregard of safety while on the road.

Driving without a Valid Driver’s License

Many states require drivers to have a valid driver’s license. It may have accompanying penalties so you should be aware of it.

Running a Red Light or Stop Sign

One of the most serious consequences that a driver can do is pass a traffic light in red. Although this is one of the most common, it is also one of the most dangerous, since it gives an endless number of accidents per year. Traffic control is different in each state, so you should investigate the consequences in accordance with the law.

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