5 Ways To Market Your Legal Blog Better

1. Content Swapping

Offer to write for other complementary blogs, newspapers, and online magazines, even if the publication is a competitor. When you write content for another publication, be sure to backlink to your website. This boosts your SEO and also gives the reader an opportunity to check out what you have to offer. Also, offer space on your blog to others, but keep your editorial practices intact. In the end, it is your blog, so make sure you retain editorial rights. Finally, be sure to share everything on appropriate social media outlets and ask your guest to do so as well.


2. Engage With The Blogging Community

Add comments to the most popular legal blogs that have engaging audiences. Don’t make generic comments like “Cool post” but instead, add some value to the readers. Something along the lines of, “Great article. Let me add this point…” or “I think you got ______ right but I disagree with _________” will start a conversation and will inherently lead to site visits.


3. See A News Article You Should Have Been Quoted In? Leave A Thoughtful Comment That Extends The Conversation

Scan online publications, both large and small for relevant content to your field. Point out something missing, or expand on something you agree with/disagree with. Many local news stations are looking for people to provide expert insight on issues affecting their community and most writers do read their comments and will reach out later.


4. Offer A New Perspective

If you see a national news story that relates to your practice, reach out to the local affiliate news groups to offer an “expert point of view” (i.e. if you see a story on The Today Show, reach out to the local NBC channel). If you make yourself available to these publications, and are quick to respond to their call, you may become a regular source for them. This is one of the easiest ways to get yourself completely free marketing!


5. Share, Share, And Share Some More:

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, even Instagram and podcasts. You must get your ideas in front of your audience, and if your audience is anyone under the age of 40, you’re going to have to have a strong social media presence. To balance out your blog posting, keep to the 70/30 rule. You should spend roughly 70% of your time marketing yourself via social media, and 30% of your time writing blog posts. 

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Revised: May 17, 2022, 8:09 a.m.
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