Drawing Up Prenuptial Agreement by Millennials

Many millennials prefer to draw up prenuptial agreement nowadays. So many years ago, only rich people choose to do this before getting married. It is a tool to protect the marriage parties from loss if there is any kind of disagreement in the future that sometimes leads to divorce. In fact, prenuptial agreements are common among celebrities and wealthy people.

Millennials are the first people to experience the benefits of the Information age, the presence of computers and the Internet. They’ll use technology to share their personal thoughts on a lot of topics. No wonder self-important is common to them and it greatly involves decision-making when it comes to marriage and family relationships.

In retrospect, the past generation is mindful of their assets and properties as valuable things. However, millennials think that their personal insights on certain things really matter. They think that they have nothing to lose if they’ll enter into a prenuptial agreement before marriage.

There are an increasing number of people who draw up prenuptial agreement before marrying someone. Divorce attorney firms have witnessed the upward trend of this phenomenon in the society. The fastest groups of people who do this legal step are those who are between the ages of eighteen and thirty five years old.

The difference of reasons in getting into a prenuptial agreement is even noticeable. For the past generation, people enter into a pre-marriage contract so that they can protect their assets, properties and other important things. On the other hand, millennials often base their reason to have a prenuptial agreement in protecting their intangible material from their spouse, believing that it is more important that it really needs protection.

Nowadays, the rising number of divorce occurrences is notable. This is probably the reason millennials prefer to draw prenuptial agreement involving the intangible things that they own such as films they’ve created, songs they composed or software they written as creative working individuals.

The meaning of this phenomenon is that prenuptial agreements are no longer drawn in concrete conditions. They’re already drawn with presumptions, things that pertain to the uncertainty of the future. In other words, they just want to protect that what they own in the first place remains under their names if ever things flow differently in the future.

At present, there are still no cases that results from this kind of prenuptial agreement so it is too early to tell its efficiency. However, there are decreasing number of divorce cases due to marrying late or for having few people who choose to get married these days. The prenuptial agreements entered into by millennials make partners secured in the marriage relationship and will probably lessen cases in the future. It makes this generation a driving force for people to view marriage differently and avoid divorce in the first place.

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Revised: May 17, 2022, 8:25 a.m.
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