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DigitalTown Launches Got.Law to Connect People to Lawyers Online


DigitalTown, Inc. OTC PINK:DGTW), a leading provider of smart city infrastructure, technology, and services, announced the launch of Got.Law and the Got.Law network, an innovative solution for finding qualified local legal advice

In the coming months, Got.Law will launch over 1500 local attorney directories in major cities across the world, beginning in the US. Each local directory will be housed at portals branded in the identity of each city for convenient recall, e.g., Austin.Law, Seattle.Law, etc, and all accessible via a single login for streamlined access to legal services and on-demand secure video conferencing.

For many consumers, the thought of finding and hiring an attorney is daunting. The Got.Law solution makes the process simple. First, people in need of legal services search for attorneys by location and practice area. Got.Law makes it easy to sort and filter results using factors such as price, payment methods, and additional practice areas. Once you’ve found your match, you can request a free initial consultation either in person or via secure video.

For the lawyer, the scheduling and intake process is completely automated allowing them to focus on the legal needs of the new client. Got.Law never charges people in search of a lawyer. The initial consultation is also free. Lawyers pay only for the booking requests that they accept. The model is compliant with State and Municipal Bar best practices and operationally efficient for all stakeholders.

"About 80 percent of the population in our country does not have adequate access to legal services." - William Hubbard

“The launch of Got.Law follows DigitalTown’s October 2017 asset acquisition of JustLegal which has been developing solutions for lawyers and Bar associations since 2013. Following extensive consultation with executives of Bar Associations from across the country, it became clear that the Bar associations are ready for digital transformation, particularly as it relates to bringing the legal referral process into the Digital Age.” explained Rob Monster CEO DigitalTown Inc.

Individual city portals can also be either licensed by the local municipal Bar association, or can be collectively owned by one or more attorneys who have a shared interest in improving local access to Justice and qualified legal advice. In such cases the shared ownership is mediated through a Blockchain Ethereum Smart Contract.

“Over the last year we have worked with our partners in the legal profession and developed a solution that supports a shared vision for the future. While our initial focus is serving the United States, our vision extends across borders as the legal services industry becomes increasingly global. I am looking forward to delivering this solution to the world.” Said Frank R. Robles, President of Got.Law.

The Got.Law team is committed to eliminating the difficulties and inefficiencies involved with finding and hiring an attorney; helping increase access to justice to the fullest extent possible.

According to former President of the American Bar Association, William Hubbard, “about 80 percent of the population in our country does not have adequate access to legal services.” While this figure is astounding, especially considering that access to counsel is a constitutional right, it’s less surprising when considering that time with an attorney costs an average of $260 per hour. The price of hiring an attorney is the number one factor preventing Americans from accessing legal services.

Beyond streamlining the process of finding and connecting with an attorney, Got.Law is helping decrease the cost of legal services in three ways.

1.    Got.Law helps lawyers spend less time on finding clients. In the 2017 Legal Trends Report, Clio found that lawyers were spending an average of 33% of their day on business development.

2.    Got.Law helps lawyers spend less time on administrative tasks – specifically those related to intake, qualification, scheduling, and onboarding. The 2017 Legal Trend Report found that lawyers are spending an average of 16% of their day on office administration.

3.    Got.Law helps lawyers connect with more of the high quality clients with whom they want to work. Free consultations are a cost effective tool for getting qualified clients in the door Got.Law streamlines intake and qualification so law firms can quickly and effectively weed out bookings that are not likely to be a good fit.

With the average law firm doing everything they can to meet clients’ demands for increased efficiency and accessibility, technology continues to become increasingly relevant in the legal industry. The launch of Got.Law, and their 1500+ localized legal directories, is evidence that changes are in motion.ç

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