10 essential tips for inventors

Every person who has the knack of inventing things can be investors. If you have a life-saving idea or any tool to make life easier, you can create things for the benefit of mankind. Here are a few important tips and tricks in becoming an inventor.

Plan of action for your Invention

1.- Create a record of invention before doing it if you have a great idea. It should be done in ink and must include a clear description of the idea, the date, your signature, and the signatures of two people who will serve as your witnesses. They’re people who understood your creative ideas. Don’t forget to include the date of the time they’ve signed the document.

2.- Create a prototype once you can transform the idea into a physical object.

3.- Make the work a confidential thing. Don’t disclose anything to people who aren’t included in the confidentiality agreement.

4.- Prepare and keep a lab book or book of records containing your daily activities in creating the invention. Don’t forget to include test results, experiments, and modifications of your invention. You have to include the signatures of the witnesses as you progress in creating your product. Include email correspondences if there are any to prove the authenticity of your work.

5.- Make sure that your invention will sell well in the future. The total sales should be twenty times the expenses that you incurred in preparing it. Don’t forget to include in calculating your cost the filing fees, hiring a lawyer to help with your patent filing and the person who prepares the drawings of your creation.

6.- Funding your Invention. Having enough resources to carry out a project to the market is important for inventors, since many of them do not have the money to realize their idea until the end. A good option to take is to attract investors in your project.

7.-  Perform a patent search.
8.- Save all the important files of your invention to prepare your patent application.

9.- Start discovering and discerning about how you will market your invention. After all, marketing is necessary parts of making your invention profitable.

10.-  Work with an experienced lawyer who is licensed by the Patent and Trademark Office and does patent work for a living. He or she will make your work easier and your rights as an investor will surely be protected.

Revised: April 25, 2018, 10:28 p.m.
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