Eligibility for Social Security Disability: Things You Need To Know

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a part of the Social Security Administration (SSA) which was set up to aid workers who became disabled and could no longer work in the workforce. It is vital to have proper evidence that supports the claim before you can qualify for this benefit as an individual.


How the SSA Determines Who is Eligible Security Disability Benefits


Social Security Administration (SSA) determines whether an individual is eligible based on his/her inability to work due to an actual disability. They define disability as a medical or physical condition that is expected to last not less than 12 months period or a situation that could later lead to death.


The disability must be the main reason why a worker can’t work. If you can still perform substantial work in any other work-place in your current position, then SSA doesn’t see you as being eligible for disability benefits.


Furthermore, SSA gives critical consideration to the extent of the applicant impairment. A medical disability can be an injury, psychological or physical condition that you can show through medical evidence. SSA will consider your ability to perform some specific primary activities which include but not limited to communicating, lifting, sitting, responding to supervision, and walking.


Prove Your Disability


Anyone seeking disability benefit must be tender a prove they got from a physician that they are medically disabled. If an applicant that requests for disability benefit hasn’t received medical attention, or there is no evidence, the SSA will secure such evidence. The agency also considers the effectiveness of treatment an applicant is on. Besides medical disability, an individual must also be able to prove that he/she can’t practice in substantial gainful activity in these conditions:


  • If the applicant history indicates that he or she can perform substantial work
  • If the applicant’s impairment is not listed or the functional equivalent of the registered disability


Get Help During The Application Process


Proving a disability to receive benefit from SSA most times looks like a mission impossible. However, it can be as simple as filling out several pages of questionnaires. SSA is responsible for performing most of the work they need to evaluate your case, and they are always available for free consultation.


Get Help From A Lawyer


Note that you need to present proper evidence to qualify you for disability income from the Social Security Administration. It’ll be a good idea to contact an experienced social security disability lawyer to enlighten you on the things you need to know and help you throughout the disability benefits application process. A legal practitioner will be able to ensure you have a smooth process. If you need a lawyer, we can help you find one at


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