Everything You Need to Know About Insurance After Getting a DUI

Insurance plans change dramatically after a DUI. Arm yourself with the knowledge to navigate car insurance after a conviction.

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dui charge

Everything You Need to Know About a DUID in Colorado

Though marijuana is now legal in Colorado, driving while high still is not. We answer some FAQs about getting a DUID in Colorado.

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sobrierity test

How to Successfully Dispute the Results of a Field Sobriety Test

What police look for in roadside DUI checkpoints and what your rights are in the case of a Field Sobriety Test.

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dui checkpoint

What to Do if You are at a DUI Checkpoint

Although a DUI roadblock checkpoint is an inconvenience in the beginning, it can later turn out to become your best asset.

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dui bolder

Did You Get a DUI at CU Boulder?

CU bestows its own set of repercussions on students. If you're a student at CU, this article should help you prepare.

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