Do You Need to Hire an Entertainment Lawyer?

Entertainment lawyers assist people within the entertainment industry (i.e. actors, musicians, authors, producers, directors, etc.) by advising them about contracts they’re entering into.


When Do I Need An Entertainment Lawyer?

Generally speaking, if you work within the entertainment business, you should hire an entertainment lawyer to review any contracts prior to your signing them. If you would like to sue someone in the entertainment industry for whatever reason, it is also a good idea to hire an entertainment lawyer. Further, you should consider hiring an entertainment lawyer if: someone has stolen your intellectual property (typically in the form of music, film, or written publications), someone has violated a contract, you want to figure out publication and distribution rights, or you’re being sued for anything entertainment industry related. Essentially, if you need to negotiate or litigate within the entertainment industry, you should consider hiring an entertainment attorney.


I Don’t Think My Entertainment Attorney Likes Or Understands My Creative Works, Should I Find Someone Else To Hire?

Simply because an attorney does not like or understand what you are creating is not a good reason to search for another lawyer. All attorney/client relationships are "fiduciary," meaning that the attorney must always act in your best interest and not their own or anyone else’s.

That being said, if an attorney does not have experience in similar cases to yours (i.e. they’re a 'general practice' attorney), then you may want to look for a lawyer who has dealt with, and won, cases similar to yours.


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Revised: May 16, 2022, 6:20 a.m.
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