Top Reasons Why Insurance Companies Reject Personal Injury Claim

Insurance companies have series of excuses for not paying for a personal injury claim, and during my years of experience as a personal injury lawyer, I have come across several of reasons. And discussed below are some of the most common excuses they give for not paying for a claim. You have to keep in mind that your injury claim includes emotional distress, damages for suffering and pain, and medical bills.

1.- Giving information to your insurance company in the spirit of transparency

Providing information to insurance companies without the presence of a third party is one of the most common mistake injury victims makes. Always speak to an experienced injury attorney before you give a statement or report to an insurance company.

2.- Absence of police report

Insurance companies always make a stink about the absence of police report. Whatever your case may be, try to get the responding officer to make an official statement, depending on the state you are living in, police officers only write a report if someone suffers bodily injury or the vehicles are severely damaged.

However, you can get a way around this incident. You can start by making a video or audio recording of the driver at fault apologizing or admitting that it’s his entire fault. This type of evidence will likely force the insurance company to pay for personal injury claim and vehicle damage.

3. Absence of independent witness

They believe that the absence of independent witness means that the accident didn’t happen the way you reported it and it is your fault that it did in the first place. They also believe that your family or friends have an incentive to lie on your behalf. Therefore, they don’t consider them as an independent witness.

Unfortunately, there is no way of going around this type of situation. However, an injury lawyer with years of experience can help you minimize the impact of no independent witness can have on your case.

4. Not seeking medical care

Insurance companies believe that you should seek medical attention if you are genuinely injured, so the lack of this means that it doesn’t happen. What they refuse to put into consideration is that most people are working one or two jobs to put a meal on the table and they don’t have health insurance and don’t also want to run up their bills.

There are many reasons why people would not be able to receive medical attention. And a victim shouldn’t be prevented from receiving suffering and pain damages because they couldn’t afford to seek medical care. An injury lawyer can help you navigate this harsh terrain so that you can obtain what you deserve.

5. You didn’t hire an injury lawyer

Insurance adjusters have years of training, and they know how to settle claims very fast. They use to deploy several methods like cheating and putting you on pressure so that you can accept a lower amount of money for your injuries. They usually lead people to believe they have limited time to settle the claim and the longer it takes, the less chance a victim will have to anything. The notion is not true, and most states give up to two years to files personal injury lawsuit.

The moment a victim sign a release, they claim is done, and they can never get any more money for the claim.  We recommend you should only talk to an insurance adjuster in the presence of an experienced injury attorney.

6. Insurance companies are profitable corporation to their shareholders

Insurance companies don’t have your interest at heart; they are a corporation that wants to make a profit. They don’t care about your medical bills, injury, emotional distress, or your pain and suffering. They aim to collect premiums and not pa y you, to them; it’s all about the profit.

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Revised: May 16, 2022, 6:24 a.m.
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