How We Find Clients

Got.Law invests in innovative, unique, and highly efficient marketing channels to bring you high quality bookings.

Search Engine Optimization

Landing a spot on the first page of Google requires time, money, and effort. Getting your Got.Law profile there is as simple as creating one. Got.Law uses Search Engine Optimization to bring you quality potential client bookings at fraction of the cost of other marketing channels.


Every company has an audience, and every audience eventually needs legal services. Got.Law partners with companies large and small to connect you to their existing audiences. We then offer exclusive discounts and coupon codes to motivate them to book with you.


Events are a great way to get in front of clients and build your reputation within the community! Got.Law organizes and participates in a variety of events, including Speaking Engagements, Panels, Office Hours, Startup Events, Student Lectures, and many more. Contact Us if you’re interested in speaking or participating in an event near you!


Earned media is one of our favorite marketing channels. Beyond the fact that it’s free, people trust and pay more attention to news than they do advertisements. Got.Law has been featured by some of the top national news outlets, and we often hear from reporters requesting a quote from an attorney on Got.Law. If you’d like to be quoted, Contact Us!

Content Marketing

By supplying clients with engaging, informative content, Got.Law builds strong trust and enduring relationships with our clients to limit our churn rate and increase the likelihood of repeat customers. See Got.Law’s ever-growing knowledge base.

Direct Marketing

Whoever says that direct mail marketing is dead has never received a Got.Law care package. Got.Law engages in grassroots marketing strategies ranging from direct mail to print advertisements to expand our client reach and maximize your online presence.
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