We Take Privacy Seriously.

Got.Law uses the latest in cybersecurity technology to go above and beyond the broad guidelines set by the ABA.
Got.Law utilizes Extended Validation SSL security to encrypt all information stored on our servers, the same type of SSL used by PayPal, J.P. Morgan & Chase and Charles Schwab.
Finally, we don’t store any delicate information, period. You and your clients' information is safe and secure on Got.Law.
  • Got.Law doesn't store data that could potentially breach attorney-client privilege, and we encrypt and protect all non-substantive information that's stored on our servers.
  • Got.Law is secured via a 128-bit EV SSL – simply put, it would take a supercomputer one billion billion years (that's not a typo) to brute force the 128-bit key.
  • Got.Law cannot see parts of your calendar containing privileged or sensitive information. The only information accessible by Got.Law and potential clients are the empty hours during your customized availability period.
  • All information transferred between Got.Law and your calendar is encrypted by an Extended Validation SSL Certificate – the latest in SSL encryption.
  • If you ever decide to stop working with us, your information will be thoroughly wiped from our servers.
  • Our video conference technology meets or exceeds all industry standard security protocols including HTTPS, HTTP authentication, and secure WebSockets.
  • Every videoconference on Got.Law is password protected to ensure privacy and security for both you and your clients.
  • All user data is anonymized. From logins and IP addresses to payment information and identities, your information is safe with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that security is a top priority for both the clients and attorneys on our platform. Here at Got.Law, we make every effort to meet or exceed each of the security standards set forth by the American Bar Association.

Finally, our one-of-a-kind calendar syncing technology was built to enable compatibility without sacrificing security. While it can sync with Google, Outlook, Apple, Microsoft 365, and Exchange calendars, it will never allow anyone other than you from viewing your appointments or the details associated with them.

We built Got.Law from the ground up with attorney ethics codes and regulations guiding our every decision. From our unique calendar solution, which takes a negative of your calendar to ensure no breach of client-attorney privilege, to our extensive safeguarding through a 128-bit EV SSL, Got.Law is at the forefront of legal security.

Clients are only able to view the empty hours within your schedule. Neither they nor Got.Law has access to your future, current, or past meetings, as doing so would constitute a breach of attorney-client privilege. Furthermore, Got.Law utilizes an EV SSL certificate throughout our entire website to ensure that all sensitive data is secure and remains confidential between you and your clients.

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