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We are not a law firm or any other type of legal entity and cannot provide any kind of legal advice, opinions, or recommendations. No attorney-client relationship can be formed with Got.Law.

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We rely on the representations provided to us by attorneys. We do not validate any profile information that attorneys may have posted either on their Got.Law profile or on any other website. We make no representations about the quality or fitness of any attorney.

Got.Law is NOT a "lawyer referral service"

A lawyer referral service is generally certified by either the American Bar Association or a state bar association. Got.Law is not a lawyer referral service. Therefore, we cannot, and do not evaluate or recommend any course of legal action or endorse any particular attorney or law firm to a client. If you need a "lawyer referral service", please contact your local or state bar association for a list of certified lawyer referral services.

State Bar restrictions and regulations

Each attorney belongs to one or more State Bar and are generally restricted by the rules of their State Bar, including the geographic areas that they may practice in. Attorneys, and not Got.Law, are responsible for ensuring that their behavior is professional and complies with their State Bar regulations and restrictions.


Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys must be licensed by the USPTO. Attorneys licensed to practice before the USPTO are not restricted to a geographic area since patent work is a federal practice area.

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