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Austin Tech Startup Develops an Essential Innovation to the Legal Industry

Got.Law Launches New Brand and Site
Company’s Platform Makes It Easier for Lawyers to Get Leads 

Got.Law an emerging leader in the legal tech space, is transforming the way users experience the legal process and how lawyers obtain leads. Featured in the ABA Techshow 2017 Startup Alley, JustLegal [Got.Law] has built upon their marketplace model and will now be offering a scheduling software service for attorneys looking to optimize their workflows. 

By minimizing overhead expenses, marketing more effectively, and making the practice of law more efficient through technology, JustLegal [Got.Law] lowers the overall cost of hiring an attorney. "In a country where over 80% of people do not have adequate access to legal services, JustLegal [Got.Law] leverages technology to make quality legal advice cheaper and more accessible to Americans nationwide," explains CEO Willy Ogorzaly. "Though many legal tech platforms are making the current practice of law incrementally more efficient, they do not solve the underlying issue facing the legal industry today: the lack of a true free market." 

By bringing increased transparency, information, and competition into the legal industry, JustLegal [Got.Law] aims to become the first free marketplace for lawyers. Instead of enforcing price regulations, JustLegal [Got.Law] allows attorneys to set their own rates, leaving the clients to decide which attorney is best for them. Instead of pushing leads towards the attorneys that pay the most for the service, JustLegal [Got.Law] encourages competition within the marketplace, and provides clients with useful information to help make an informed decision. 

Clients looking for attorneys simply head to JustLegal [Got.Law], select the area of law and zip code for which they would like to find an attorney, and instantly receive a list of qualified lawyers in their area. Once a client decides which attorney they would like to consult with, they use JustLegal [Got.Law]’s industry-leading scheduling technology to book an appointment directly in that attorney’s calendar, no sign-up or credit card required. When booking an appointment, clients can choose to meet with their attorney over the phone, in-person, or through JustLegal [Got.Law]’s secure video conferencing technology. After meeting, clients can either choose to sign a letter of engagement and continue working with that attorney, or schedule another appointment with a qualified lawyer in their area. JustLegal [Got.Law] never charges clients to use the platform. 

Attorneys looking to use the platform simply register via JustLegal [Got.Law]’s sign-up wizard, sync their calendar, and customize their availability – instantly making their empty hours are available to both new and existing clients throughout their licensed jurisdictions. Instead of wasting time emailing back-and-forth with clients to find a time that works, the attorneys will now simply receive one email notification every time that a client books an appointment. The appointment also instantly appears in their calendar, eliminating the possibility of double-booking. 

With these simple pieces of technology, JustLegal [Got.Law] has transformed the way clients and attorneys connect and engage. The company’s long-term mission is to bring the entire legal process online and increase access to legal services for the underserved.