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  1. Got.Law is the online marketplace for attorneys. By empowering clients and attorneys to connect online, we bring both convenience and transparency to the legal industry.
  2. Got.Law enables clients to find attorneys and book a free initial consultation in under 60 seconds. Choose to meet in person, over the phone, or via Got.Law's secure video conferencing.
  3. Got.Law allows attorneys to effortlessly fill their empty hours with new and existing clients. By eliminating the numerous emails and phone calls that typically precede a booking, we save clients and lawyers valuable time.
  4. Got.Law utilizes a 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure our users' information is private and secure. We don’t store any communication between clients and attorneys on our servers and cannot access any part of a lawyer's calendar which may containing privileged or sensitive information.
  5. Got.Law is free for clients. Attorneys set their own rates and clients pay attorneys directly.
  6. Got.Law was originally a school project that started in a CU-Boulder Entrepreneurial class in the Spring semester of 2013.
  7. Got.Law was crowned the 2014 Venture of the Year by the Boulder Chamber and recognized as a top 10 global startup by IBM in 2016.
  8. Got.Law’s long-term vision is to create the first free market for legal services and to provide increased legal access to the underserved.

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